MINEX Russia 2018

The 14th Mining Industry Forum MINEX Russia 2018 will be held on 02-04 October 2018 in Moscow.

MINEX Russia Forum formula offers a unique formula for selling to the Russian mining sector. From a purely marketing perspective MINEX Russian Forum provides international participants a unique opportunity the hangar trade-shows can rarely match.  The MINEX Russia Forum annually brings together over 500 delegates facilitating opportunities for meeting in just two days key decision makers in the Russian mining industry.


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MINEX Russia 2017 Forum results



The 13th Mining Industry Forum MINEX Russia 2017 was held on 10-12 October 2017 in Moscow. More than 500 top managers and specialists from Russian and international companies and organisations took part in the forum.

On the first day, 10th October, ArtGeo (Russia), ContiTech (Germany), SRK Consulting (Russia / UK) and AMC Consultants (Australia) conducted four master classes: on laser scanning technology; intelligent solutions for the conveyor equipment for mining industry; effectiveness of creating a detailed geological model; and management of field planning.

A Round Table of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use of the Russian Federation (ROSNEDRA) was held prior to the Forum on 11th October, offering a platform for direct dialogue between the heads of the Agency, the State Reserves Committee of the Russian Federation and the CEOs of mining companies. The most important topics of discussion were: financing of liquidation of subsoil use consequences, liberalisation of waste utilisation, simplified subsoil use procedure and expertise in geological subsoil studies.

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Master Classes
Forum, 11 October
Forum, 12 October
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About MINEX Russia Forum

The 13th International Mining and Exploration Forum – MINEX Russia 2017 was held on 10 – 12 October 2017 at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Europe Square 2, 121059, Moscow

AH8A7713Organised under the main theme “Mining in Russia – moving up with the buoyant markets” the Forum was provide an industry-wide discussion on Russia’s mining industry growth scenarios and its ability to renew mineral resource base, develop infrastructure, train personnel and introduce more efficient solutions to reduce the costs and improve efficiency.

The Forum is held in Russia since 2005 and is considered as one of the most important and authoritative events on Mining and Exploration in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.  MINEX Russia Forum regularly brings together over 500 heads of industrial companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, countries of the European Economic Community, China, Mongolia, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia.

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Forum Speakers


  • img01
    Vladislav Kaminski
    Aarhus Geophysics
  • img02
    Pavel Babayants
  • img03
    Rostislav Bilik
    AGR Software
  • img04
    Svetlana Anufrieva
    All-Russian Research Institute of Mineral Resources (VIMS)
  • img05
    Grigoriy Mashkovtsev
    All-Russian Research Institute of Mineral Resources (VIMS)
  • img06
    Mark Chesher
    AMC Consultants
  • img07
    Yevgeniy Antonov
    AMC Consultants
  • img08
    Bruce Gregory
    AMC Consultants
  • img09
    Martin Staples
    AMC Consultants
  • img010
    Adrian Penney
    AMC Consultants
  • img011
    Alexander Lopatnikov
    American Appraisal (AAR)
  • img012
    Randolph Lewis
    Amur Minerals Corp
  • img013
    Sergey Khlebunov
    Anakon Group
  • img014
    Arthur Brusentsov
    ARANZ Geo
  • img015
    Vsevolod Shulyakovskiy
  • img016
    Evgeny Kalabin
  • img017
    Markel Baykalov
    Association NP RTS
  • img018
    Alexander Ivanov
    Aurora Group
  • img019
    Ilya Chernilovskiy
    AV Group
  • img020
    Alexei Starodumov
    Baikal Mining Company
  • img021
    Shaun Graham
    Carl Zeiss Microscopy
  • img022
    Thomas Neumann
    ContiTech Transportbandsysteme
  • img023
    Evgeny Tulubensky
    Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Nordgold
  • img024
    Alexey Tsoy
    CSA Global
  • img025
    Alexey Fateev
    Dassault Systemes
  • img026
    Igor Tokarev
  • img027
    Alexey Shalashinski
    DMT Group
  • img028
    Igor Boychuk
  • img029
    Julia Boiko
    Eurasian Business Union
  • img030
    Niko Vardapetyan
    Eurasian Development Bank
  • img031
    Boris Yatsenko
  • img032
    Anastasia Stepanova
  • img033
    Georgy Fotin
    Far East Investment and Export Agency
  • img034
    Georgy Kolpachev
    Far East Investment and Export Agency
  • img035
    Olga Shenderova
    Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra)
  • img036
    Barbora Velickova
  • img037
    Airat Khalikov
  • img038
    Yury Davydenko
  • img039
    Aleksandr Pivtorak
    GeoJet Exploration
  • img040
    Marcel Goyvaerts
  • img041
    Maksim Poltorak
  • img042
    Denis Alexandrov
    Highland Gold
  • img043
    Sergey Shumilov
    Highland Gold Mining
  • img044
    Denis Narozhny
  • img045
    Sergey Nikishichev
    IMC Montan
  • img046
    Andrey Tverdov
    IMC Montan
  • img047
    Marina Rylnikova
    Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources Russian Academy of Sciences
  • img048
    Aleksandr Akhmatgaliev
  • img049
    Vladimir Petrov
  • img050
    David Whittle
    Kinross Gold Corporation
  • img051
    Victor Silin
    Kinross Gold Corporation
  • img052
    Mikhail Damrin
    Kopy Goldfields
  • img053
    Nina Goulis
    KPMG in Russia and the CIS
  • img054
    Antonio Carlos Rosset
    Leeco Steel / Brazilian Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • img055
    Ayuna Nechaeva
    London Stock Exchange Group
  • img056
    Christopher Weafer
    Macro-Advisory Limited
  • img057
    Olga Almendinger
  • img058
    Thomas Jordan
    Mine Tech Services (UK)
  • img059
    Alexander Mikhailov
    Mineral Exploration Network
  • img060
    Igor Vasilyev
    Mineral Exploration Network (Finland)
  • img061
    Nikolay Matyash
    Mining Advisory Council
  • img062
    Timur Toktabayev
    Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • img063
    Evgeniy Kiselev
    Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
  • img064
    Vladislav Portnov
    Mongolian Mining United Investment Company
  • img065
    Oleg Bazaleev
  • img066
    Levon Kocharyan
    Norton Rose Fulbright (Central Europe) LLP
  • img067
    Olga Fonotova
    Norton Rose Fulbright (Central Europe) LLP
  • img068
    Sergey Mozer
    Orica CIS
  • img069
    Vasiliy Makarov
    Pavlik Gold
  • img070
    Stanislav Goldfeld
  • img071
    Olexandr Ingerov
    Phoenix Geophysics
  • img072
    Igor Epshtein
    Polymetal Engineering (Polymetal Int)
  • img073
    Vitaly Nesis
    Polymetal International Plc
  • img074
    Oleg Valeyev
    Polymetal International Plc
  • img075
    Tamara Golovina
    Polymetal International Plc
  • img076
    Alexander Reshetilov
    Reshetilov & Co
  • img077
    Helene De Villiers-Piaget
    Responsible Mining Foundation
  • img078
    Denis Nikishin
  • img079
    Alexander Kovalchuk
    Russian Coal
  • img080
    Dmitriy Ermakov
    Russian Platinum
  • img081
    Mikhail Leskov
    Russian Society of Experts for Sub-soil Use/OERN
  • img082
    Alexander Lazarev
    Russian State Commission on Mineral Resources (GKZ)
  • img083
    Sven-Erik Gustafsson
    Scania, Mining division
  • img084
    Dmitry Shatilov
    Southern Kuzbass
  • img085
    Danila Selivanov
    SRK Consulting (Russia)
  • img086
    Robin Simpson
    SRK Consulting (Russia)
  • img087
    Liubov Egorova
    SRK Consulting (Russia)
  • img088
    Sergey Shestak
    SRK Consulting (Russia)
  • img089
    Dr. Mike Armitage
    SRK Consulting (UK)
  • img090
    Vladimir Shklover
    Systems for microscopy and analysis
  • img091
    Sergey Kurilov
  • img092
    Diana Asonova
    Thomson Reuters/ RMET
  • img093
    Galina Sedelnikova
  • img094
    Galina Gazaleeva
  • img095
    Pavel Koltsov
  • img096
    Alexander Boytsov
    Uranium One Group
  • img097
    Sergey Cherkasov
    Vernadsky State Geological Museum of Russian Science Academy
  • img098
    Dmitry Klebanov
    VIST Group
  • img099
    Yulia Cherepanova
    Wardell Armstrong International
  • img0100
    Mark Mounde
    Wardell Armstrong International
  • img0102
    Ivan Zavedeev
  • img0101
    Alexander Taskaev
    Wardell Armstrong International (Russia)
  • img06
    Mark Chesher
    AMC Consultants
  • img07
    Yevgeniy Antonov
    AMC Consultants
  • img08
    Bruce Gregory
    AMC Consultants


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